Troy Ave has dealt with a lot of adversity in 2016, and he's looking to finally get some props. The Brooklyn rapper seeks that validation in his "Appreciate Me" music video. Troy is seen spending quality time with his son and reflecting on the good in life while also acknowledging the bumps in the road. The track comes from Troy's Roland Collins album, which dropped back in August.

The BSB leader recently reflected on his legal troubles during a speech at Columbia Teacher's College. Professor Christopher Emdin invited Troy to speak to some high school students as part of the Hip Hop Education program.

“This comes from choices, choices I had to make at the time. It was either fight for my life or fight for my freedom,” he told the students while showing off his ankle monitor. “Now I gotta fight to clear my name.”

Emdin's decision to have Troy speak to the students may have raised some eyebrows, but the professor felt it was important to have the rapper share his side of the story from May's deadly shootout at Irving Plaza.

“It’s always more powerful to show a story of redemption than the story of a hero,” Emdin said. “Some of my kids here have been suspended and kicked out and dropped out. Troy has a certain persona and charm and charisma that a lot of folks I’ve worked with just don’t have.”

Despite all the legal drama looming over Troy's head, the MC has still been able to drop a lot of music. In fact, Troy is set to release the fourth volume of White Christmas mixtape series on Friday (Dec. 23).

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