Trippie Redd has his fair share of haters and critics who think he fell off since his last big hit, but that doesn’t faze him. The Canton, Ohio rapper is enjoying the success of his latest album, !, despite the naysayers—the project debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

While in New York, the 2018 XXL Freshman stopped by the XXL office to take part in Mean Comments, a series in which rappers address some of the meanest comments haters post about them on the internet. “This is about to be fun,” Trippie says before sounding off on the trolls.

From the jump, the comments are hilariously mean. "Bro go on a vacation get a tan your so pale bro ," an Instagram user wrote. Instead of firing back, Trippie plays along. "I'm Casper's cousin," the rapper replies. "First cousin, you know what I'm sayin', we went to school with each other and shit."

Trippie goes on to read another comment, which takes aim at his streaming numbers. “I miss 2017 Trippie, when he didn’t dye his hair every week, when he had just normal dreads and released Romeo and Juliet. His last biggest song was XXXTentacion and even since then, none of his songs even reach 100 [million],” a person on YouTube wrote.

Perplexed by the tweet, Trippie could only respond with facts. “Well, here comes the facts. That’s a lie,” he contends. “Go to Spotify and look at the streaming numbers. 'Topanga'...I’m over 200 million streams right now. By the way, all of my songs reach 100 million streams, the hits at least that I perform every day.”

And of course, a Mean Comments segment wouldn't be complete without haters going in on his new album. Trippie reads a tweet from someone who wonders, “How you could be chillin after that album[?].” Seemingly this person didn’t like his new ! album.

Trippie simply brushes off the comment and flashes two huge, diamond-encrusted chains to signify he’s chilling with so much ice. “Because that muthafucka was hot and I had to get some ice...and chill, you know what I'm sayin'?” he says. “There’s too much heat out right now and I just keep me cool, keep it icy, bih.”

Trippie then flashes his diamond rings. “This cost you a paycheck on Friday,” he affirms of his pricey baubles. “And I bought this like it was a fucking toy.”

“Jesus! Jesus,” he later sings in praise of his bling-bling.

Watch Trippie Redd go in on the haters while reading their mean comments below.

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