Trippie Redd has engaged in his fair share of feuds since breaking into the music scene early last year, but now it looks like the Ohio native is ready to leave all of the controversies and war of words in the past. He posted a lengthy message to Instagram on Wednesday (May 22), letting fans know of his more mature approach and apologized for feeding into the negativity.

"Sorry for being so involved in so much negativity. I’m putting all that aside from here I’m done with involving my art and intelligence with others I shouldn’t even be giving people the light of day. I’ve came a long way been working since I was 13, 1400 symbolizes hard work and dedication," he began.

The 18-year-old is shedding the distractions to fully lock in on his debut album that's due out this summer. "People that don’t value my intentions or art or even my life so ALBUM MODE fully. I’m just so tired of the negative influences people give and at the same time act as if they are helping people get through shit. I’ve really been depressed and in a non living mood multiple times even now I still get like that," Trippie continued.

The "Love Scars" rapper concluded giving fans his word that he's done with the negativity. "I just know I’m here to set an example for you guys and other artists and I'ma just be the bigger man and step up and say fuck this negative bullshit. I’m letting my music speak for its self [you] guys have my word, no more negative shit," he said.

Trippie most recently reignited his longstanding beef with 6ix9ine where he threatened to turn the feud into a physical matter the next time he saw the Brooklyn rapper. "If it's the last thing I do on Earth, I'mma catch you blood and I'm [going to] beat the FUCK out of [you]. I'm gonna beat your ass," he claimed in an Instagram video (May 20).

The Quality Control artist is gearing up to share his highly anticipated debut LP in July. He recently performed a cut off the project during his set at 2018 Rolling Loud in Miami earlier in May. He later described his effort as a blend of multiple genres. "My album is really just like, it's lyrical rap, it's rock music, it's all the shit I do now and it's R&B," he relayed to the crowd.

Check out Trippie Redd's post about leaving the negativity behind him below.

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