To go along with its eerie sound, Trippie Redd's "Dark Knight Dummo" gets a horror-inspired music video.

The Tyler Ross and Yuki Noguchi-directed visuals start off like any typical hip-hip video with Trippie counting his money on a table. But the video quickly takes a turn when the rapper notices a disturbance outside of his cabin.

Trippie quickly realizes a zombie attack is underway and he and his crew must survive the invasion. The rapper also gets some help from Travis Scott, who dual-wields pistols from atop a monster truck and fires off shots from his AK-47. La Flame also takes things a bit further, using his truck to run over one of the zombies.

While many are quick to lump Trippie Redd into the mumble rap category, the rapper doesn't think he's part of that group. During a January interview with Big Boy, Trippie spoke about respecting what elder rappers think, saying that he "tries to take everything they say into consideration" but "a lot of stuff" he can't agree with.

When asked about mumble rap, Trippie, said, "I don't particularly feel like I'm part of that."

The "Dark Knight Dummo" video is just the latest visual from Trippie, who previously released his "Hellboy" video in January.

Along with his latest visuals, Trippie also dropped a new song called "Uka Uka." Previously teased in December, the Ozmusiqe-produced track finds Trippie rapping over a smooth instrumental. "Aye, are you niggas really from the field?/Or are you niggas really from the hills?/I got a mob of niggas coming by the mills/They'll shoot your ass down boy, for 1400 kills, for real," he spits.

Check out the "Dark Knight Dummo" video and listen to "Uka Uka" below.

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