It was Trippie Redd's time to shine on day two of the 2018 Rolling Loud Festival in Miami in more ways than one. The Ohio rapper upgraded his ice game before the performance, copping a new bone collector piece and chain that contains 20,000 stones.

Trippie showed off the new piece, which is a replica of an Uka Uka mask from the video game Crash Bandicoot, on his Instagram page. The chain itself features diamond-covered bones and chain links. "I told y'all I was gonna put $400,000 to half a million on the neck, I wasn't lying," Trippie says, flexing the shiny piece. "20,000 stones on the neck." It even plays music.

Crafted by AB Golds, the gaudy piece has "210 carats of VVS/ VS+ clarity stones) on White, Yellow & Rose Gold with a Satin Wood look finish on back to give it that Real UKA UKA wood texture," according to the jeweler's Instagram page. The "Dark Knight Gummo" rapper also copped a new set of diamond fronts that are going bling, bling.

The piece is the video game alter ego to a chain Quavo has. "The good mask Quavo got is Aku AKu," Trippie explained recently. "I have the evil one." Trippie broke out the shines during his set at the 2018 Rolling Loud Festival on Saturday (May 12). During his set, he talked about his upcoming LP and performed new music. "My album is just like, it's lyrical rap, it's rock music, it's all the shit I do now and it's R&B," he told the crowd. "So I just wanted to give y'all a little vibe, a little heads up tip on that shit."

Trippie recently teased an upcoming track titled "Bigger Than Satan" where he croons about fighting his demons.

Check out Trippie's new piece and footage from his set at the 2018 Rolling Loud Festival in Miami below.

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