Trinidad Jame$ introduces the members of his label Gold Gang Records on their new compilation mixtape The Force. The former XXL Freshman, who released his solo mixtape The Wake Up 2 earlier this year, along with 31gramms, GoldGang Jigalo and GoldGang Cooper take turns creating vibes on the new nine-track project. The only outside feature on the mixtape is Trae Tha Truth. XXL spoke to Trinidad Jame$ about the members of the label and what's next for Gold Gang Records.

XXL: Who are the members of Gold Gang Records?

Trinidad Jame$: 31gramms is an Atlanta street lyricist with the realest stories you can imagine. He raps from the right place: the heart. If MJG and Pimp C were mixed in a styrofoam cup, 31gramms would be the drank. GoldGang Jigalo is coming out of the dirt roads of South Carolina. His hook creativity is limitless. His fearless eye for fashion always shows itself through the music. GoldGang Cooper is the glue. He's the old soul, the voice of the south. As fans continue to watch his career, you'll be blown away by the musical approach one man's voice can do.

What made you want to start a label?

I always had a label but I didn't have the knowledge to run it correctly because I was such a new artist and had so much on my "to learn list" coming out the gate in 2012-2013. But as I stayed strong and paid attention to my wins and losses, I was able to attain the confidence I needed and more knowledge. So now with the roster I have plus a couple names like our in-house producer Trey Ape and our young bull $auce, we have music to put out in the world now.

What do you want fans to get from this project?

I want fans to get a little insight into the sound of each artist. I feel like today's listener is way more about how things sound before they care what you say.

What's next for the label and the artist?

The Force is part one of four projects. Each project will be narrated by each artist's mother, myself included. So this one is narrated by 31gramms' mother, Ms Rhonda. 31gramms is also getting ready to release his first Gangsta Grillz mixtape with Dj Drama. We are already working on part two of The Force. I have my next solo project Musical Buffets getting mixed and that will release soon.

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