Trinidad Jame$ was Don Lemon's most recent guest on CNN Tonight last night (March 16) and spoke on the use of the n-word in pop culture and its affect on society overall. 

Lemon kicks off the conversation by mentioning the video of Sigma Alpha Epsilon's house mother saying the N-word as she recites lyrics to James' banger "All Gold Everything." The Trinidadian rapper expressed that when he first saw the video two years prior, he didn't think anything of it because "life is just so much bigger than that." Although the Atlanta MC didn't think the woman meant anything by her actions, he says singing the lyrics "tickled her because she knows where she came from."

Don then moved the conversation to whether or not the woman, or anyone outside the Black race should use the word. James asserted that "it's always about how [they're] saying it" rather than the fact that it's said. In his opinion, everyone should be more concerned with the SAE fraternity members racist chant video.

Trinidad James admits that perhaps rappers using the N-word isn't productive for society as a whole. "If we have a problem with the word and it's going to continue to cause things, we should eliminate the word period. Because if we're going to use the word, then people are going to use the word," he said.

Don thinks the word shouldn't be banned, but that we should be careful about when and how we use it and that perhaps we put too much power in the word to begin with. The entire conversation is pretty insightful. Things get a little heated when commentators Marc Lamont Hill and the conservative Ben Ferguson join in on the conversation. Check those clips out below.

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