Travis Scott is trying to make his way into the record books. At a recent show in Oklahoma City, Okla. last Friday (May 12), the Houston-bred rapper performed his Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight single "Goosebumps" for a whopping 14 times in a row.

Apparently, there are claims Scott broke the record for most times performing a song in one show. The historical significance of the feat wasn't lost on Scott, who had the video uploaded to his official YouTube channel yesterday (May 16). It's a pretty crazy feat.

Watching the video of the performance, it's sort of easy to see how Scott could get away with performing the track so many times. With its catchy hook and mesmerizing beat, the crowd had no choice but to get turnt to his song time after time, and Scott himself looks totally at home onstage as he performs beneath the luminous glow of the purple stage lights.

Scott's definitely got the crowd in the palm of his hand, and he maintains his energy throughout every performance of the track, running around the stage like the Tasmanian Devil.

Perhaps almost as wild is that the crowd looks nearly as into Scott's 14th performance of "Goosebumps" as they were when he belted it out in the earlier part of the night. Don't take our word for it, peep the performances for yourself in the video below.

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