Too $hort's DUI and drug case has taken a turn, as his rep says that the drugs police found aren't his.

The Bay Area emcee's representative spoke to TMZ about the arrest, stating that the powered drug that police found in the backseat of $hort's car - which is believed to be a form of meth - isn't his. His rep also addressed $hort's attempt to run from police, saying that he's been mistreated by police in the past and acted on instinct.

"Any assertion that Short was carrying powder is ridiculous! Every rap fan knows $hort's into weed," he publicist said. "$hort was diligently searched and cuffed prior to being placed in the disgustingly filthy patrol car. It was 3 AM, the cop car smelled like vomit and was littered with remnants from prior arrests of the the past, $hort, like many others, has been mistreated by law enforcement and these unfortunate prior incidents led to the complications after the stop."

Earlier today, XXL reported that $hort was released from jail and has been apparently hit with a possession of narcotics charge.

[via TMZ]

UPDATE: TMZ has released a video of Too $hort running from police during his recent DUI stop. The rapper can be seen talking with police after being stopped, then attempting to run away before tripping on the curb and being caught and arrested.

[via TMZ]