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Rhino / Ada
Rhino / Ada

1990: Known for his brazen, politically driven raps, San Francisco rapper Paris dropped his debut album, The Devil Made Me Do It, on Oct. 9, 1990. Today marks 28 years since his debut album release.

The common saying "the Devil made me do it" had already been popularized by Black comedian Flip Wilson in the 1960s when Paris borrowed the term for his debut. The controversial single "The Devil Made Me Do It" that preceded the album of the same name was originally banned from MTV for its lyrical content, specifically taking aim at institutional racism and the "white Devil."

Without boasting a single feature, the Tommy Boy Records release sampled punk rock, blues and even current hip-hop stars like Public Enemy for an enthralling sound of urgency from the young MC. Paris' debut album never did go gold or platinum by the RIAA, but it was certified in the streets as a battle cry against modern day oppression.

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