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Cash Money Records/Universal Music
Cash Money Records/Universal Music

2001: Juvenile released his fifth studio album, Project English, on Aug. 21, 2001. Coming off a less than satisfactory fourth album, Tha G Code, in 1999, Juvenile had some decisions to make as to where to go artistically and business-wise.

Fueled by the singles "Set It Off" and "Momma Got Ass," Project English peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. The album moved 213,000 copies in it's first week and being executive produced by Mannie Fresh, went on to be certified platinum by RIAA.

Aside from being another hit album to add to his catalog, this was also a turning point for Juvie career wise. Project English was one of the last albums the New Orleans MC and former Hot Boy would release under Cash Money Records as he would leave temporarily over mismanagement disputes in 2001. After release of this album, Juve would start his own label, UTP Records in 2002 before hashing things out with Baby and returning to Cash Money in 2003 to create more Southern classics.

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