On this day, May 28, in hip-hop history...


1984: On May 29, 1984, Brooklyn trio The Fat Boys released their self-titled debut album under Sutra Records.

Though they were considered by some as a hip-hop novelty, The Original Fat Boys proved they had rhymes to back up the gimmick with their '84 premiere. Obviously playing off their name, Prince Markie-Dee, Kool Rock-Ski and Buff Love made jokes about their stature all throughout the record and kept things lighthearted and funky. Buff Love a.k.a 'The Human Beatbox' was one of the first to popularize beatboxing on records, along with Doug E. Fresh. Love showcased his scope of instrumental imitation on the song "The Human Beatbox" on the B side of the album.

The original 1984 release featured only seven songs but that was enough for fans to get hooked. The Fat Boys peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums List and would go to become certified Gold by RIAA. This was the first rap album to go Gold.

The trio decided to reissue their debut in 2012 in a limited edition cd and vinyl set, making the album shaped like a pizza box and the vinyl and disc like a pizza pie inside. Along with the new look, The Fat Boys included eight new bonus tracks including "All You Can Eat" from the Krush Groove soundtrack in 1985.