Continuing her streak of bizarre but beautiful anthems, Tierra Whack returns with a new song called "Upside Down." The track, which she dropped on Soundcloud on March 13, features the Philadelphia native rapping over Ty Dolla $ign's "Message in a Bottle" record from his 2017 album Beach House 3.

The original track's instrumental already carried an eccentric vibe, which matches up perfectly with Whack's extraordinary style. While some of the words are hard to make out on the verses due to her unique lyrical flow, the "Mumbo Jumbo" entertainer lays down some vocals on the hook which match up to the song's title and artwork.

"Today, tonight, I might lose sight," she rhymes. "Wake up, upside down down down down."

Back in December 2017, Whack spoke with XXL about her musical style, which she admits cannot exactly be described.

"I can’t describe my sound," she explains. "That’s something I don’t ever think about and I kinda don’t want to think about it. I like to create whatever that pops up in my head, bring whatever idea to life. People compare me to the people I listen to, the people I’m influenced by, André 3000, Missy, Busta. That’s about it."

Take a listen to Tierra Whack's new song, "Upside Down" below to catch some of the vibes.

Tierra Whack
Tierra Whack

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