This December will mark the three year anniversary of Doe B's murder and Alabama's is reporting that three men have been indicted on murder and assault charges in connection with the shooting at Centennial Hill Bar and Grill in Montgomery that left the rapper and two others dead.

Police had arrested two suspects within a week of the shooting, Jason McWilliams and Darius Thomas, both of whom are among the three men indicted.

McWilliams was previously charged with two counts of capital murder, with a grand jury deciding to indict him on one count of reckless murder and three counts of first-degree assault as well. He is being held on $200,000 bond. Thomas has been charged with capitol murder, two counts of murder, reckless murder and three counts of first-degree assault and has been held without bond since Jan. 2, 2014. A third man, Taboris Mock, was indicted last month on charges of reckless murder and three counts of first-degree assault. While he wasn't previously charged in connection to the shootings, he was arrested Wednesday and is being held on $200,000 bond.

Police believe the shooting was a result of an altercation between Doe B and Thomas that arose when the rapper refused to help him get into the club that night. Doe B was scheduled to perform that night.

McWilliams and Mock are set to be arraigned on Sept. 28.

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