three6.jpgMemphis’ Three 6 Mafia made history on Sunday night, becoming the first hip-hop group to ever perform live at the Academy Awards. In the film, lead actor Terrance Howard performs the song, but during the live broadcast Juicy J, DJ Paul, Frayser Boy and Crunchy Black were joined onstage by actress Taraji P. Henson, who sang the hook in the film.
Shortly after performing, they took home the Best Original Song Oscar for the Juicy J and DJ Paul-penned song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp” from last year’s Hustle & Flow. They beat out songs from Transamerica and Best Picture winner Crash. This makes them the second hip-hop artist to win the award, after Eminem won in 2003 for the 8 Mile hit “Lose Yourself.” After the group excitedly accepted the award, host Jon Steward quipped, “That’s how you accept an Oscar!”

Here is a transcript of Three 6 Mafia’s acceptance speech (no love to Terrence Howard):

DJ Paul: We wanna thank Keith Young, our choreographer.

Juicy J: Yes!

DJ Paul
: Man, hear me out—the whole Sony Records. Lisa Ellis, our moms, our whole family…

Juicy J: Thank you Jesus! The Academy!

DJ Paul: Select-O-Hits for givin’ us a chance. The Academy…We love the Academy! Gil Cates! Everybody, man!

Juicy J: Man, we love ya’ll!

DJ Paul: Hell, I got plenty of time. I wanna thank everybody man…

Juicy J: Lisa Ellis, Don Ienner,

DJ Paul: Once again our families…Ludacris, shawty, what’s up! George Clooney, my favorite man, he showed me love when I first met him.

Frayser Boy: Memphis, Tenn, we bringin’ it home!

DJ Paul: We outta here!

Juicy J: Memphis Tennessee!

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