Radio personalities The Wonder Twinz have set up a fund for DJ Kool Herc.

As previously reported, the recognized father of hip-hop, has recently gone ill and does not have any health insurance. Further information has revealed Herc has been struggling with kidney stones and internal bleeding.

He is incapable of paying for these hospital bills and therefore the DJ Kool Herc Fund has been created. “[We] know that many of hip-hop's pioneers and artists, like many Americans, have faced and will continue to face similar circumstances,” The Twinz, who are close friends with Herc, said in a statement. “So we call on the hip-hop community to come together to figure out positive solutions around health care and to advocate on behalf of the artists who made this culture and movement the global force for change that it is.”

To donate to the DJ Kool Herc Fund, you can donate online through Paypal or by sending a check made out to “Kool Herc” at Kool Herc Productions, P.O. Box 20472, Huntington Station, NY 11746. —Michael Naclerio