Herc was not thrilled that his likeness was used for the show and he has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against HBO over the use of his identity, name and voice. The 61-year-old pioneer claims that the show's producers came to him before the show aired and offered him $10,000 if he would waive his "overall rights" and agree to be a consultant, which Herc declined.

In this clip, the man spinning records is clearly referred to as "Herc" and "Clive," which is Kool Herc's government name.

"It's beyond us why HBO and the producers of Vinyl, a successful show about artists and music, would hurt an artist like Herc who has contributed so much to the music industry," Herc's lawyer, Taso Pardalis, told The Hollywood Reporter.

A spokesperson for HBO said, "We are confident there is no validity to the claims."

Herc fell ill in 2011 but recovered and has been present on the scene. In 2014, Herc, Marley Marl and the Zulu Nation joined forces for a month-long event called the “31 Days of Non Stop Hip-Hop.” The event was sponsored by the Queens Library and gave teenagers the opportunity to meet some of the founding fathers of hip-hop. In 2013, he was front and center at the 40th anniversary of hip-hop concertheld as part of New York City’s SummerStage.

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