The Weeknd was performing in Mexico City, Mexico over the weekend and was nearly injured in an accident that could have turned out pretty badly.

The singer braved the literal storm that hit the city Sunday night (Oct. 21), though the rain appeared to only add to his dark ambiance. As he was performing "Call Out My Name," a large, unidentified object fell from the top of the stage mere feet in front of him. Being the seasoned performer that he is, The Weeknd continued to perform the single seemingly unfazed as the clip comes to an end.

In another video from the evening, The Weeknd performed "Pray For Me," sans Kendrick Lamar, off the Black Panther soundtrack. The single is a standout cut from the certified platinum LP released on Feb. 9.

The My Dear Melancholy, star is set to end the Mexico leg of his tour tonight (Oct. 23) at Palacio de los Portes before flying out to Abu Dhabi next month.

The Weeknd has spent the better half of 2018 performing worldwide but has still taken the time to work on his lifestyle endeavors. Aside from dropping exclusive merch in recent months, the singer has released three pairs of sneakers as part of his Puma deal. On Oct. 13 they released a pair of black, retro PUMA x XO Terrains, the latest in the collection.

Watch his near-accident below.

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