The dust up between Safaree and members of Meek Mill's crew made hip-hop headlines yesterday (June 24). But instead of an unfair fight, which appeared to be the case, The Game wants to see Nicki Minaj's ex's shoot the fair one.

The Compton rapper was hooping in BET's Celebrity Basketball Game yesterday, when he was asked his opinion on the matter by a TMZ cameraman. Though Game has had beef with Meek in the past, he didn't sound eager to take sides in the situation. "That's their business, Ima mind mine. That's two grown men, let them do their thing," he responded when asked about the brawl.

Instead of others getting involved, the Cali MC thinks Meek and Safaree should clash mano-a-mano. "Why not meet up and fight one on one? It's only fair. However they want to do it, just get it done," Game added.

The scuffle, which occurred outside of a DJ Khaled-hosted day party in West Hollywood, was captured on camera. Safaree is seen chopping it up with some people when Meek Mill exits his ride nearby. Next, without warning, one or more people swing on Safaree and he is forced to flee.

Afterward, Safaree explained his side of the story. “Listen, straight up, I hopped out the whip. Saw Meek, he hopped out the whip. Then I just got snuck,” he said. “Niggas jumped me. A whole bunch of niggas. Meek, you are the biggest pussy on this planet. You saw me. You ain’t do shit. You got your niggas to jump me. One-on-one, you can’t fuck with me. So that’s why you had to do that. Niggas caught me from the back. Niggas caught me from the side. All that.”

Check out Chuck speaking on the situation below.

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