SpaceGhostPurrp's Raider Klan is filled with talented members and one of them is Yung Simmie. The 20-year-old Miami native garnered listener's attention for his debut album, Shut Up & Vibe 2, and plans to increase his buzz even more. Expect big things from this kid.

Name: Yung Simmie

Age: 20

Hometown: Miami

I grew up listening to: A lot of artists. Mainly Lil Wayne, Cassidy and what ever came on MTV. Wayne was my favorite though!

Most people don't know I: Only smoke Grabba Leaf, I'm actually sponsored by them. And 275 is not a group it's a family! It's actually a company now and I'm the CEO. I plan with my team to change lives!

My style has been compared to: I haven't had many comparisons. Many people say I have my own sound and style so I don't really get compared.

My stand out records and /or moments to date have been: My two years in the game I've had some rare moments from flying to UK for shows and dropping my debut album Shut Up And Vibe 2. Some of my biggest records are "Florida Nigga Mentality" and "Full Metal (Freestyle)," produced by PurpDogg. "Lean With The Sprite" by DJ Smokey, "7 Gram Blunt," produced by PurpDogg, and many more.

My goal in hip-hop is: To be respected for what I do. I wanna show that anything is possible. Any one can chase dreams!

I'm gonna be the next: Ima be Yung Simmie and I want to big as Bob Marley, I want to touch people with my music like he did!

Check out more of my music go to: Go get my album SUAV2 on iTunes, follow me on Twitter (@275YUNGSIMMIE), SoundCloud, YouTube, Vevo and my website is coming soon.

Standout: "Full Metal (Freestyle)"

Also check out: "Lean With The Sprite"

And: "Phonk A Nigga"

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