This in-your-face duo out of Dallas are loud, obnoxious and a conscious rapper's worst nightmare. They're also kind of awesome. Get familiar with eOne's latest signees, B Reed and Fooly Faime.

Standout: "Shawty Wassup"

Also check out: "Ain't No Mo"

And: "All Gold Everything" featuring Dorrough

Names: B Reed & Fooly Faime, professionally known as Yung Nation

Age: 20 (both)

Hometown: Dallas, Texas aka 3D Land

We grew up listening to: UGK, Hot Boyz, OutKast, Boosie & Webbie, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon & Eastside Boys and Snoop.

Most people don't know we: Get haircuts two times a week. The playamade fooly fade two times a week, ya feel us? Also, we lost our licenses, so we riding dirty like UGK.

Our style has been compared to: It's really unique, I guess people have compared us to Kid N Play as far as our haircuts, fashion and performance. Music-wise, people compare us to DSR (some Dallas legends), Beastie Boys because of the rebellion and yelling and NWA because we wild and don't give a flying fuck even if it was with Delta.

Our standout records and moments to date have been: "Club Rock", "Pimp" and "Very Crucial" are huge online and in the streets. They keep the shows coming. Our new single "Shawty Wassup" is the one thats taking us mainstream. Its Nupid. Our biggest moment was selling out our hometown 3D Land Concert this past December. It was both our birthdays and a big statement to the music industry that Dallas artists can sell.

Our goal in Hip-Hop is: To do the never before done. Create a whole new lane that hasn't been touched. We want to make nothing but big records and big albums for our fans, The Nation.

We're gonna be the next: Generation. We bringing in the new Yungins. We wild, live carefree, but we about our cash ducks.

To check out more of our music: Follow us on Twitter @YungNation and check out

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