Standout: "Ups & Downs"

Also check out: "Eleven 58"


Name: Skewby

Age: 24

Where I'm from: Memphis, Tennessee

I've been rapping since: I was in the 3rd grade. I was inspired when I was young by all the greats I heard in Memphis.

My style has been compared to: In regards to my production, I have been compared to Kanye West due to the detail of my production. Plus the producer-rapper combination that Kanye embodies. Lyrically, I have been compared to Lupe Fiasco, for the amount of lyricism and some people say we sound the same.

My standout records/ moments have been: My mixtape Proving You Wrong Since 1988 was a big moment for me. Many artists' first mixtape don’t get the recongnition that did, and I was honored by how many people showed it love. Also I was invited on the Lil Wayne “Farewell Tour”. That was a big moment for me, and it allowed me to see so many fans and see how far one can take their music and how far I wanted to go. The biggest thing for me is seeing people affected by the music. It’s one thing for people to acknowledge you over social networks, but when they stop you at a waffle house and tell you a certain record touched them, that's why I do it today.

I'm gonna change the game by: By being a human and not a brand. I think a lot of artists are linking with many different brands that don’t fit them for the check. I have a lot of integrity, it has to make sense.

I'd like to work with: Bun B. He has been a big inspiration to my music, and he is known for keeping his ear to new sounds and artists and I think the music we could make would be refreshing. Janelle Monae would be dope as well. She's really creative. I would like to work with Common as well.

My goal in hip-hop is: To bring more to it than I take away from it.

I'm gonna be the next: Bill Weathers. He always made amazing music, but it's rare we meet an amazing person that makes amazing music, and that’s what he was and what I would like to be as well.

To check out more of my music: Follow me on Twitter @Skewby

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