Action Bronson isn’t the only one making moves in Queens. Meet newcomer Rekstizzy, who plans on documenting the trappings of NY. God bless America!

Standout: "God Bless America"

Also check out: "One Track Mind" featuring Ann One

And: "Whatever You Say"

Name: Rekstizzy

Age: 20-something

Hometown: Queens, NY

I grew up listening to: Queens rappers like Cormega and 50 Cent, and groups like Onyx and the Lost Boyz. But there's definitely no borough prejudice, I was pretty happy if the music was loud and they were a little strange like Busta Rhymes or an Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

Most people don't know I: not North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. I'm not Psy either. I wish though. I recently saw a video of him on his YouTube page, soaring above a stadium packed full of people, singing with tears of happiness in his eyes. I want to do that shit. Kim Jon-un’s life doesn't seem as thrilling. Dude got the same cold, lonely stare as Kanye West.

My style's been compared to: ...I'm the rap game Brolly from Dragon Ball Z. If you listen to my song "God Bless America," I be charging up energy levels before and after I spit verses. On stage, I tend to throw power blasts and shit. My manager tells me I got to be careful with those, but back in the day people used to shoot up the ceiling during Wu-Tang shows, so whatever.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: Doing a song with Lil Fame called "Come At Me Bro." Like yo, I did a song with Lil Fame of the legendary M.O.P. and it's called "Come At Me Bro." Real talk, he's one of the greatest to ever do it and definitely a long-time hero to me. Shout out to Jewoit Ent from Sweden for the beat and Brood Baby for shooting the music video. Yeah, we got a video on the way!

My goal in Hip-Hop is: give people music to do shit to. Drink, smoke, dance, fight, fuck, take public transportation to. That's why I don't do too much rapping about how good I am at rapping because what're you going to do with that?

I'm gonna be the next: ...rapper to “kill hip hop.” It seems like the guys who get pegged with that label are the most paid, most unpredictable, and have the most fun. Fuck a label though.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter @Rekstizzy, SoundCloud, cop the album Whatever You Say on iTunes and

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