Most up and coming rappers dream of a MMG or YMCMB feature on their debut. This 19-year-old out of Dublin, Ireland contemplates collaborations with Charles Bukowski and Chet Baker.

Standout: "Lost in Empathy"

Also check out: "Meddling Loops"

And: "Dia Dhuit"

Name: Alex Anyaegbunam, but on the streets I'm know as Rejjie Snow.

Age: I'm 19 but I feel 25.

I've been rapping since: 11 1/2

Hometown: Dublin City, Ireland

I grew up listening to: A lot of things, from Reggae to Soul to Hip-Hop. I was introduced to the work of Richard Aldington, who is a fantastic poet, by my grandad when I was like 10, and that bared a massive influence on me. I stumbled across some of the greats like Nas as I got a tad bit older, and even at like 13 or 14, the fact that I enjoyed albums such as Illmatic, and not the dull mainstream filth that's shoved down your mouth is something I feel is cool when I look back on my youth.

Most people don't know I: Do graffiti on their property.

My style's been compared to: MF Doom, Earl Sweatshirt, Big L, Tyler, the Creator and so on. It's funny 'cause as an artist, it feels weird cause when I make tunes and I hear them in an entirely different light, but only time will tell. My sound has yet to really be heard.

My standout records and moments to date have been: That "Dia Dhuit" track I did, which has since been removed from YouTube, had like 450k views. That [track] was a popular favorite but sunce then all my music has been on lockdown. I have brought out some things like "Meddling Loops" and the most recent "Lost in Empathy", and now feel like I'm ready and comfortable to take it to the next level. But some great moments include opening up for MF Doom and Kendrick Lamar - both were great experiences. Mad respect to those two pioneers.

I'd like to work with: I dunno, that's really a tough question. I would have loved to have done some collaboration with Charles Bukowski or Chet Baker. That would have been awesome. Besides that, I'm happy to work with my homies.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To bring a new sound and show all these kids out here with dreams that you can really do what you wanna do. The only limitations that exist are those you truly put on yourself. I also wanna put my tiny island on the map and scrap this bullshit stereotype that exists and just generally inspire and leave a legacy. You know, the usual corny shit.

I'm gonna change the game by Doing everything they tell me not to.

To check out more of my music: Follow me on Twitter @Rejjiesnow or peep

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