Chicago continues to show the talent pool is growing with ProbCause. The rising rapper has worked with Chance The Rapper, but has continue to dominate his own lane, especially with his new project The Recipe Volume 2. Prob will have you locked in.

Standout: "LSD" Featuring Chance The Rapper

Also check out: "Flex"

And: "MUFFHUGGER" Featuring The Palmer Squares

Name: ProbCause

Age: 26

Hometown: Chicago/Evanston

I grew up listening to: Lots of Jazz and Punk Rock. I listened to The Clash and Rancid a lot and also listened to a lot of Miles Davis, Coltrane and Charlie Parker. Eventually I found my way to hip-hop which I found had a lot in common with both genres.

Most people don't know I: I'm visual artist on top of being a rapper. I'm a painter and animator (you can see some of my drawings in the background of the LSD music video).

This fall I'll actually be finishing my Masters of Fine Arts from The Art Institute of Chicago while simultaneously touring the country.

My style's been compared to: I always get the Eminem comparison, but I think that's more cause I'm white than the actual sound of my music. I also get Andre 3000 because of my delivery. I've definitely been very influenced by Chicago's hip-hop scene and consider Twista and Crucial Conflict to be some of the biggest inspirations stylistically.

My standout records or moments have been: The release of The Recipe Volume 2, which just dropped a couple weeks ago. A lot of things have changed since I dropped that project and it's allowed me to reach a much larger audience with my music. Also singing on with The Paradigm Agency has been huge for me and has given me the opportunity to start touring this Fall.

My goal in hip-hop is: To merge the visual arts world with the hip-hop world. There's not too many rappers who paint, draw and animate and I feel like I'm in a unique position to combine those elements and expose them to unlikely audiences. My other goal is to finish animating a few of these music videos of The Recipe Volume 2.

I’m gonna be the next: XXL Freshman outta Chicago (hopefully one of many).

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@ProbCause) and Instagram

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