Standout: "Don't Stop"

Also Check Out: "The Last Song"

And: "Gettin' It" ft. Myth Syzer

Name: Perrion a.k.a Perry Eats

Age: I'm 21 years old and I look 12, but it’s all gravy.

Reppin': I'm from Harlem, New York City, home of Big L, Dipset, Ma$e, Jae Millz, A$AP, and many others.

My style and/or skills have been compared to: I used to get compared to Tyler and Earl, nowadays I hear Biggie, Curren$y, and Mac Miller. I don't think I sound anything like Mac Miller.

My standout records and/or moments have been: Well, I'm actually having my standout moment right now in California. I got flown out here, and I’m getting paid to headline a dope show in Santa Barbara. I'm in Venice now at a hotel with some of my closest friends, mad good Cali trees, and money in my pocket to feed myself. I must say it's a real blessing to be where I am now. I’d say that my stand out project is From Paris With Love. Poyz&Pirlz, a French clothing brand, sponsored the tape, shipped me free clothes, and flew me out to Paris to release it and do shows. It's definitely the best project out, especially because of the production from Myth Syzer. Myth is awesome to work with and his beats just fit my style. I can easily write to any beat he sends me without a problem. Big ups to Dabaaz and Pol for hooking me up with Poyz&Pirlz, Myth, and everyone else in France.

I’m gonna change the game by: Just by me being myself. I'm going to keep making the music I make and stay versatile. A lot of rappers box themselves in by not switching up their style or sound, and end up getting washed up. I'm definitely looking to branch out and mature as an artist, rather than just making the same shit that I made last year. "Only time for progression, no need to relapse" is a line off my song “Turn of the Tide,” and a lot of rappers should live by it. It's not just me who's going to change the game alone. It’s about my whole team and the people I keep around me. HOME Team is going to change the game.

I’d Like to Work With: I would like to work with all of the artists that I used their beats from on Circuit Breaker. I've become a big chill wave fan ever since I got put onto it. I also want to work with people outside of music. I'm looking forward to working with companies in the skateboarding community just ‘cause when I started making music again, skateboarding had a huge impact on my life. It's already beginning to happen, thanks to Patrick O'Dell for hooking me up with Altamont, a dope skate clothing brand, who just blessed me with some clothes and a chance to skate at the Berrics [editor’s note: it’s a privately owned skate park of professional skaters Steve Berra and Eric Koston].

My goal in hip-hop is: To make it as an iconic figure that did something great for hip-hop. I want to be known as someone who isn’t just a great rapper or a producer, but be known for my characteristics and a person who did something monumental. Whether it’d be great shows or helping out with different problems around the world. I’m trying to make a global impact, and live forever.

I’m gonna be the next: Best Rapper. Dead or alive.

To check out more of my music go to: (Twitter, Facebook, Webpage, Tumblr, and/or etc.) I'm also coming out with my own website So follow me on twitter and you will know when it's up and running.