The self-proclaimed Lion King of the rap game is poised to make his present felt. Here’s a rundown of ATL’s own Money Makin’ Nique. Respect the hustle.

Standout: "Transitional"

Also check out: "Fax Machine" Featuring Curtis Williams of Two-9

And: "Love This Money" Featuring Forte Bowie & My Money Makin' Bro Ceeno

Name: Money Makin' Nique. My mama call me Dominique.

Age: 23!

Hometown: I'm originally from Springfield, Massachusetts. Met up with manhood in West Atlanta though.

I grew up listening to: The list is so long and wild. Actually, if you asked me about points in time or years, I could tell you exactly what I was listening to. Groove Theory. SWV. Gang Starr. The Neptunes. 96/97 was Wu-Tang and Bad Boy. My moms was playing the Waterbed Hev album heavy (no pun) in '97. Then Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq came. 2000 I was on Talib & Hi-Tek's Reflection Eternal album heavy. Then from like '03 to '06 I was on Styles P, Jada, Teedra Moses, Ti, Cam and The Diplomats, Ghostface, Curren$y, Dro. I could sit and name shit all night. Extremely wide range of music.

Most people don't know I: I'm West Indian. Guyanese. As in Guyana. Niggas hear the country and assume it's in Africa. Geographically it's in South America. We West Indian (we as in me and my bruvs)

My style's been compared to: Jay Electronica. I've heard Biggie a few times which scares the shit outta me. I can't compare to Biggie. It's nice that people are reminded of him listening to me though.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: A standout moment for me was when I dropped The Lion.King EP last year I feel like that's my most successful project to date. I'm grateful that people heard the hunger and started taking me seriously.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To remain unique, charismatic, and I'm tryna innovate. My ability to do so will come w/ time and resources of course. I stay plottin' you know? Tryna make some money too you know. Tryna live life. I'ma lifetime Achievement award type nigga for sure.

I'm gonna be the next: I'ma be the next Lion King. That's what I call myself. In the caste system of rap, I'm royalty. and honestly I'm just concerned with having longevity at this point. I want that respect from niggas. Money will come and go. I'm concerned about putting my brothers (my team) in a position where they can flourish.

To check out more of my music go to: For those who aren't familiar with me PLEASE go listen to The Lion.King EP on LiveMixtapes y'all. Then join those who are on SoundCloud to check out what I've been working on since then.. there's a record for everybody on there! Also, follow me on Twitter (@moneymakinnique) and YouTube too and see my big face pop up!

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