Underground MC, Michael Millions recently proved his skills are no apparition with his new project, Ghost of $20 Bills. Now, get acquainted with the polished wordsmith from Richmond, Virginia.

Standout: “Jordan Jackson”

Also check out: “Ashes and Samples”

And: “2AM”

Name: Michael Millions

Age: 30

Hometown: Richmond, VA

I grew up listening to: Jay Z, Big, Nas, The Roots, D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Ma$e, OutKast, Wu-Tang (many more I could name).

Most people don't know I'm: Funny as hell, natural sense of humor.

My style has been compared to: People that live in East America, outside of that... Nas...

My standout records and/or Moments to date: 1.) Performing my first sold out show at Strange Matter in RVA. 2.) Releasing Ghost of $20 Bills and receiving an unexpectedly major response to my art.

My goal in Hip-Hop Is: To have my music/art be loved and respected on a major scale.

I'm gonna be the next: Great hip-hop representative for Richmond, VA. I don't care about bringing the "feeling" back. I don't care about reminding people of what they've been "missing." I don't care about people's "opinions" concerning one’s creativity. I only care about moving the culture forward, moving my city forward and growing daily as an artist.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter/Instagram (@MichaelMillions) and SoundCloud.