We once featured Michael Christmas on The New New for Boston rappers, but he is ready to show his skills on the forthcoming project Is This Art? If you don’t know about him, now you know.

Standout: "Daily"

Also check out: "Michael Cera"

And: "Jackie Brown"

Name: Michael Christmas

Age: 19

Hometown: Boston, MA

I grew up listening to: Hella Cool Kids, Wiz, Redman and ODB.

Most people don't know I: Am half Puerto Rican. It's funny as hell too because once they learn that, my hair makes sense to them!

My style's been compared to: guys like Jon Bon Jovi and maybe a little Ginuwine with a splash of that dude who spit on Rebecca Black's "Friday" joint, feel me?

Standout records and/or moments to date: My standout tracks (to me at least) have been "Michael Cera" and "Kunishi." I say "Kunishi" because we dropped it just to give fans something to bump and it did a lot better than I expected. And Michael Cera is just the most fun song to listen to. As far as moments, the night I performed with Alex Wiley in Boston this fall was one of the best. The show was crazy and my dad had just gotten out of jail that week so he got to be there.

My goal in hip-hop is: To use it as a vessel to carry me to different platforms like TV, writing (songs, scripts, ads etc.), and generally making bread to talk shit.

I'm gonna be the next: John Belushi (the first in hip-hop), feel me?

If you want more of my fantastic, Adonis-like structure, or my music, hit @MickeyChristmas on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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