Breakout: "A Million" featuring Travis Porter & Big K.R.I.T.

Also Check: "Look At Me Now Freestyle"

And: "Preseason 2 Intro"

Name: Marcus Manchild

Age: 22

Reppin’: Houston, TX

My style and/or skills have been compared to: I would say that my style is similar to Ludacris as far as animation, but i can speed the flow up at any time like Twista.

I started rapping: I started taking my rappin seriously at 16, but it wasn't until I got w/ AMG that i was put onto a bigger platform to be heard. When I was 19, two friends of the family (now managers) Nate & Chad got a hold of my music and introduced my music to a friend of theirs, Boston George (AMG CEO). Since then, we've been grinding non-stop and the progress shows.

My standout records and/or moments have been: My single "A Million" featuring Travis Porter & Big K.R.I.T. It's getting tons of love on the blog sites, Twitter, etc. I got a few standouts on my new album Preseason 2. Check it out. As far as standout moments, I would have to say the Los Magnificos Car show put on by our local radio station, 97.9. It was my first major performance in front of 30,000. I didn't know what to expect but when I came out, the crowd was started goin crazy.

I’m gonna change the game by: Being myself and showing that you don't have to act a certain way to please everybody. I'm the Spaced god and I want the whole world to be Spaced Out before its all said and done. Everybody should be able to be themselves and think for themselves.

I’d Like to Work With: I'd like to work with Twista, Maroon 5, and Busta Rhymes. Tell Busta that I can rap faster than him lol

My goal in hip-hop is: To be a multi-dimensional rapper that can make all types of music. I want to conquer every genre of rap

I’m gonna be the next: Marcus Manchild. I want to be a household name and have my own identity.

To check out more of my music you can go to:, download my latest mixtape Preseason 2 (S/O DJ ILL WILL)

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