Every year a new wave of artists from different parts of Atlanta breakout. An artist that is beginning to distinguish himself is ManMan Savage. From 2014-2015 the young MC has released some very impressive projects such as Free ManMan Savage, Smash or Die EP, Give Em Hell 2 and his most recent project Young N Reckless. The self-proclaimed trap rockstar, who's gearing up to release his debut LP Savage Life: The Album next year, wants to bring his lifestyle to your eardrums.

"I'm me. I'm ManMan Savage. Everybody can't be ManMan Savage," he said to XXL over the phone. "I'm an awesome person. I'm a rockstar, a trap rockstar at that. The dude from the trap who was in it ear deep but came to be a rockstar out of nowhere. That's how I describe myself. When I do music, I like to entertain. That's why I do it. I like to do shit to make people love me. I don't like chillin'. I like being turned up all day. That's just me."

Get to know the budding East Atlanta product in this week's edition of The Break.Emmanuel C.M.

Name: ManMan Savage

Age: 21

Hometown: Atlanta

I grew up listening to: I grew up listening to all kinds of music like Trap and slow jams. Shit like Gucci [Mane] and Jeezy, everything that came out, all that. 8Ball & MJG, Bone Crusher, T.I., I listen to all Atlanta shit. I fucks with Juvenile and the Hot Boys. Slow Jams, I grew up listening to R. Kelly. Trey Songs, we grew up listening to him too but really R. Kelly, all his slow jams.

My style’s been compared to: A lot of people tell me I sound like Gucci but I don't think I sound like him that much. They say Gucci and Flocka and a couple names on the internet but mostly them. I describe my sound as savage, that's that savage music. It's a new sound.

Most people don’t know: People don't know I didn't finish school and I was born in Chicago. I was born in Chicago but I was raised in Atlanta, that's all I know. I got family all over Chicago, people from Chicago know what's up with me.

My standout records/moments to date: I think my standout record is "On The Road" because it just a new sound, a new wave that people weren't used to. It brought that old feeling to trap music. I think I brought that back. That was off my first mixtape, Free ManMan Savage.

My goal in hip-hop is: Just to be different. I don't got a real alternative to hip-hop. I just feel like my lifestyle is a part of what hip-hop already is about. I feel like I should just bring my lifestyle to it, my point of view, my story.

I’m the next: I'm going to be one of the realest in the game and one of the realest niggas in it. I just feel like I want to bring that energy back. My last tape was more just focusing on the craft, the music. But I feel like with my new tape [Young N Reckless], I just brought back that young and reckless shit. I wanted to bring it to them on Thanksgiving so that's why the cover is like that, with me sitting at the table with a bunch of females like the Last Supper.

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