On the heels of his new album, In God’s Image, Jahzel is on his way to carving his own lane. Coming from the burgeoning Chi-Town scene, his soulful songwriting and truck-rattling production will make an impact soon.

Standout: "Carefree"

Also check out: “Chapters”

And: “In God's Image”

Name: Jahzel

Age: 27

Hometown: Chicago, IL

I grew up listening to: Soukous, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jay Z, Nas, Twista, R Kelly, etc. I pretty much grew up listening to all types of music.

Most people don't know I: I'm Nigerian American. Both of my parents are from Nigeria. I was born here in Chicago (thank you Lord!). My parents had all types of music (Nigerian, pop, polka, R&B, etc), so I listen and enjoy several different genres.

My style's been compared to: Nas, Talib Kweli, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Wale.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: "Inner City Kid," which features Meagan McNeal. The biggest moment for me is when the music video for this record was placed into rotation on MTV. I was actually working on new music with my TV on mute behind me, on the MTV Jams channel. I couldn't hear my phone as I had an instrumental blaring through my speakers. I finally noticed my phone blowing up with people telling me they were watching my video and proud of me. I turned around to see it playing on TV; it was sick and surreal. It was a moving experience cause I have been through so much to get here. I couldn't believe it... Amazing.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To spread my message worldwide and leave an impact. There are people who don't speak english that well, but know every lyric to a Michael Jackson record. It's absolutely amazing, the power music has on the world, and I would like to spread my message, and relate to those who go through the same emotions and experiences I do. I hope to leave that type of impact when I'm gone.

I'm gonna be the next: Me. I've always been driven to create my own lane and stand out. I hope to be like none before me.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter @jahzelmusic

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