Standout: "Rap Wars"

Also check out: "Dying Gods"

And: "Nas"

Name: J.Flash

Age: 26

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri (The last 8 years I've been a nomad. Lived in 8 cities and 2 countries)

I grew up listening to: Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Jay-Z, Nas, 2pac, Biggie, The Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye and classical music. Every genre but country music.

Most people don't know I: wrote and produced my first comic and have three movies coming out in 2013.

My style's been compared to: Kanye West, Game, Jay Electronica, Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, 2pac

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: I made the first round of featured artists on the hip hop wesbite Hulkshare in 2011, and also made the final filming of the 2013 release hip hop film "Art of Rhyme 2.0", which will feature Mos Def, Black Thought and others. I've started gaining an online following on Twitter with my tracks "Dear Nas" "Rap Wars" and "Dying Gods".

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To change people's perception of things. To challenge the norm and be controversial, but in a way that sparks public discussion. To show it's ok to be vunerable on a record, because this is art and self expression is apart of it. To be an excellent businessman through brand extension and to create opportunities through entrepreneurial projects. When I'm done with my career to be top 5 dead or alive of all time.

I'm gonna be the next: Jay-Z/Kanye West

To check out more of my music: Follow me on Twitter @Jflash05

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