Connecticut’s own Dom McLennon is part of the buzzing Alive Since Forever collective that includes Kevin Abstract. Before you get lost in his “multimedia project” THESIS, here’s what you need to know about the new kid on the block.

Standout: "The Chief"

Also check out: "Speak My Mind"

And: "Night Time"

Name: Dom McLennon

Age: 21

Hometown: Hartford, Conn.

I grew up listening to: A lot. My parents were big on soul and R&B music. Jazz too. My mom goes to Jazz festivals all the time, she saw George Duke a couple years ago. One of my uncles I was closer to listened to more hip-hop, along with some punk and other types of music he could let out his frustration to. My cousins were big hip-hop heads too. They introduced me to The Roots, J Dilla, all those cats when I was like 11.

Most people don’t know I: Have been involved in making music or playing music in one way or another for more than half my life. I played saxophone when I was like 8, and I would write my own sheet music and stuff in my spare time by the time I was in middle school. From there I just got into hip-hop and alternative music, now I just like making cool shit.

My style’s been compared to: I've heard a lot depending on what people have heard. Upwards of Cudi and Kanye with just trying different things, a lot of Northeast artist comparisons, cats like Kweli, guys with a message. Or Celine Dion, LeBron James, and Hunter S. Thompson.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: THESIS; the multimedia project I've spent the last year creating with ASF that we've been releasing since New Year's Eve. A kid busting his lip and getting stitches and our first SXSW show (last year) during a mosh pit in one of my songs (Shouts out to Luke).

My goal in Hip-Hop is: To break standards. I know how to make good music, and I got something to say, plus I'm creative as shit. My goal is to do shows where people usually don't let rappers get sets, and make those people fuck with us cause we make good ass music.

I’m gonna be the next: David Hassellhoff.

To check out more of my music go to: Follow me on Twitter (@DomMcLennon)