Out of Stone Mountain, Ga. Cool Amerika is beginning to make some serious noise. The group comprised of Stunt Mclovin and Bally Benjamin originally broke out with their club banger "Make Sum Shake." Since then its been hits after hits. After the release of their mixtape No Taxes 2, the sky is the limit for this CA. They will be dropping a video every week until Valentines day. So if you don't know who Cool Amerika is, read up on them below.

Name: Cool Amerika (Stunt Mclovin & Bally Benjamin)

Age: 21; 22

Hometown: Born in Savannah, Ga but raised in Stone Mountain, Ga.; Born in Montgomery, Ala. but raised in Stone Mountain, Ga.

I grew up listening to:

Both: Hot Boys, T.I., Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, CeeLo Green, Lil Jeezy, OutKast.
Stunt: I love country music actually. My favorite group is actually the Florida Georgia Line, they pretty dope, very relatable.
Bally: We met when I was like 7th grade and he was in 6th grade at Stevenson middle school Ever since then we started rappin. We’ve been rapping since we met.
Stunt: I had got the windows XP, Fruity Loops. I don’t think we recorded on pro Tools or if it was even around or we couldn’t afford it. When we met the Juggernaut, he said ‘I don’t know what you’re going to be doing next week, but if I drop this song today you’re going to be famous. So y’all have to cut off everything.

My style has been compared to:

Bally: The biggest comparison we got is OutKast. That’s a blessing to because they are great, they’re legends.
Stunt: I got to agree, or either that or Jordan and Pippen.
Bally: I’m Jordan thought [Laughs]
Stunt: Naw I’m Jordan, I’m clutch. [Laughs] But our sound is Cool Amerika. I got to actually shout out B.o.B, it’s no genre.
Bally: Whatever we feel like doing, we’re going to do it.
Stunt: I might come out with a country song.

Something people don’t know about me:

Stunt: they don’t know what you see on camera ain’t really…we still got real lives.
Bally: still grinding still working, still hungry still humble.
Stunt: still got a family to feed, people just hear the music. We’re still regular. We hustling to feed our families

My standout record or moment to date:

Both: “Make Sum Shake”
Stunt: That song changed our lives.
Bally: Cause when we dropped it, radio picked it up instantly.
Stunt: Having a song that DJs play when you not in the building obviously mean that they feel you.
Bally: its def a motivational song though, to get up an hustle, whatever you do.
Stunt: I knew it was going to be big, but I didn’t know it was going to be this big.

My goal in hip-hop is: Shit. I feel like in this rap shit you can’t really try to go for too long; bitches try and get at you. Then when you try to stay at it for too long, it looks like there’s an image you’re trying to put on. Over here ain’t no image. I’m just going to make my couple mill and fall back, fuck the fame.

I’m the next: 

Stunt: I’m going to be the next Michael Jackson.
Bally: I don’t know man, I think I’ll be the next Marley.

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Standout: "Make Sum Shake"

"Get Your Hate On"

"Too High"


No Taxes 2