Standout:"Stop Playin'"

Also check out: "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"


Name: BL'EVE Brown

Age: 28

Where I'm from: I was born in Kingston Jamaica and I moved to Harlem at a young age. I lived there for a few years and then my family moved to Jersey. We moved around a few times in Jersey until we settled in the west end of Plainfield. I went to high school out there, but I would jump between New Jersey and Harlem throughout my younger life.

I've been rapping since: The age of 14 when I started producing and making songs. When I hit 20 I started to get paid for my talents. I worked for a studio on 25th street next door to Jive records where I started to master my production style.

My style and/or skills have been compared to: I have a unique style. Listeners usually say they like the diversity in my music. I take it as a great compliment because many different types of music inspire me. I think you are going to hear it the most in my new project Cosmosis.

My standout records and/or moments have been: When I produced a track for Maino that was on the Funk Flex Car Show Tour album. Another moment I is being flown to London this past summer to do a show for an indie rock album i produced called Erection. As for standout records, I'd say "Stop Playin'!", because I had the chance to incorporate some new ideas I've been working on.

I’m gonna change the game by: Contributing to the game. I feel a game change happens over the course of a successful career so my focus is to stay creative, innovative, and put out the best material possible at the end of the day. The rest will speak for itself.

I’d like to work with: Kid Cudi and Wiz. Also, M83, Memory Tapes, and a band out in Sweden called The Radio Dept. I think they're all dope.

My goal in hip-hop is:To reintroduce individuality. I feel that's really missing in Hip Hop at the moment.

I’m gonna be the next: I'm going to be the first artist to land on the sun and make it back to tell you about it lyrically. Cosmosis!

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