Not many can say they are the complete package, but Alexander Dreamer has quite the resume. The Columbus, OH native wrote, recorded and produced his entire forthcoming Dancing With The Devil album. Before that hits the streets, get in tune with this young prodigy who plans on making an impact soon.

Standout: "Heaven On Earth"

Also check out: "Young"

And: "Mount Maybach"

Name: Jalen Ramsaw

Age: Just turned 20 on Dec. 17.

Hometown: Columbus, OH

I grew up listening to: Music has always played a huge role in my life and in my development as a person. I have always had favorites and inspiration from most if not all genres of popular music. In hip-hop specifically I was most influenced by Shawn "Jay Z" Carter. Jay Z's The Black Album may be the first album I played from start to finish as a early teen. I did and still do listen to a lot of Jay Z. After experiencing most of Jay's catalogue Kanye debuted and I've been a fan of him since day one and the same with Drake years later. Those guys are my biggest heroes [Laughs].

There are also some independent heroes I look up to. There's a group from Columbus called Fly.Union and they always inspired me.

Most people don't know I: Most people don't know that I produce and engineer all of my music. My upcoming project Dancing With The Devil is an full length album I wrote, recorded, and produced all from my bedroom.

My style's been compared to: My style has often been compared to Drake. Early in my experimentation with production I listened to and drew a lot of inspiration from Noah "40" Shebib who is Drake's right hand man and producer.

My standout records and/or moments to date have been: I wrote and recorded a record back in high school titled "Dream like Kings" which people seem to enjoy. My management has convinced me to include it as a bonus record on my upcoming project because it's received a lot of positive feedback. We're also dropping a video for it before my album drops on Jan. 6, shortly after Christmas.

My goal in Hip-Hop is: Hip-hop for me is a platform to express myself and work out my creative muscle. In my culture, hip-hop is a huge thing and I'm trying to capitalize on my opportunity to contribute. Someday I hope to take it further then producing hip-hop records though. I'm a fan of film as well and I'd like to someday score movies.

I'm gonna be the next: Alexander Dreamer.

To check out more of my music go to: Twitter: Follow me on Twitter (@AlexanderDreamr)