Tee Grizzley is working hard to prepare some new tunes for his loyal fan base, and fans will be happy to know a new album is on the way. The Detroit rapper announced on Twitter earlier this week that he's working on his new album, which is set to be titled Activated.

The "Real N*#gas" MC doesn't have a release date for the project yet, but he let fans know it's straight heat.

"I want y'all to hear this new shit so bad. Ima drop it on my album its gone be this year. My album gone be called "Activated" 🐻😈 its self explanatory," he wrote on Twitter.

It's been a big year for the Detroit native, as the rapper has quickly become one of the top lyricista amongst the hip-hop community. Grizzley even pitched himself to land himself a spot in the 2017 XXL Freshmen class, which will be revealed this summer. Last month, the rapper released his debut mixtape, My Moment, which saw high success with his strong fan base, as well as music critics. The mixtape offered 13 new tracks produced mostly by Helluva for listeners and saw no guest features.

In case you missed it, read our in-depth profile on the Detroit rapper about his multiple court cases, his tragic family life and his rise within the hip-hop ranks.

See what he had to say about the new Activated LP in the gallery below.

Tee Grizzley Announces His New Activated Album on Twitter

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