Teairra Mari is coming into her own. From first coming onto the scene as the 16-year-old Princess of the Roc to being one of the sexiest women around, Ms. Mari has definitely caught XXL's eye. Here, Teairra, who plays a recurring role on VH1's Love & Hip Hop, talks to XXL about the ladies on the hit reality show, her music and fills in the blanks about her sex appeal.

XXLMag.com: How did your role on Love & Hip Hop come about?

Teairra Mari: Initially, I was just supposed to be making a cameo on Love & Hip Hop, but I kept getting called back to make more appearances, so I turned into a regular on the show.

We understand that you know Emily from a few years back, correct?

Em and I are friends, yes. We have been friends for years now. We met through mutual friends and she has styled me a few times.

What do you make of the cast and how has the experience been shooting?

It’s been a very fun experience shooting. I love all the cast members, honestly. I love Chrissy, love Olivia, love Somaya, of course I love Em, even Yandy and Kimbella are really, really nice women.

What do you make of the arguments and fights on the show, especially the fight between Chrissy and Kimbella?

That damn fight! That fight was a cut! They cut up that night. I don’t think it’s right to put your hands on anybody, but who knows how Chrissy was feeling.

What kind of reaction have you been getting from appearing on that show?

People say, ‘I love you on that show!’ That’s the reaction right there. I’m just being myself, so I guess that’s it right there. I haven’t even had the chance to touch on my music yet. It’s coming, though.

So, what’s good with the music?

The album is going to be like bedroom music, but with a bounce. Like a New Jack Swing kind of thing. It’s going to be real cute.

Describe your song, "You Did That."

"You Did That" is about a girl, who’s in a relationship and she thinks her man is God’s gift to the world and she messes around with this other guy and he changes her opinion. You did that.

Is this song a true story?

Yeah, it's a true story. Somebody has done that. Not right now, but in the past.

On behalf of all the fellas who want to know, are you single right now?

I am very single right now.

And how is that?

Great. I love being single. I'm only 24, so I just want to enjoy my life. I don't want to answer to nobody.

No, how is it that somebody as fly as you is single?

[Laughs] I don't know. I want to be single right now anyway.

You mentioned bedroom bounce before—describe that a little more.

Bedroom with a bounce. It's not going to be Luther Vandross bedroom music, it's going to be different. A little more edge with that New Jack Swing like a Jodeci. It's slow, but it's still...you can ride to it, you can club to it. It's sexy and fun.

Did you start recording your album?

Yes with Rico Love and it's going great. We're about five songs in and I love all of them. No features yet.

Any surprises?

Well, 2 Chainz is going to get on ["You Did That (Remix)"]. You will hear the remix. I've been working hard for years. I definitely feel like it's my time. I live in L.A. and record in Miami, the best of both worlds.

You really turned up your sex appeal with the "Sponsor" video...

I did turn up my sex appeal with "Sponsor." When I first came out I was 16, so I had to keep it cute and young, but with "Sponsor" I definitely wanted to turn it up and be myself.

What does a man have to do to impress you?

Be respectful. You have to approach me with respect, you have to smell good, I like a clean-cut guy. He has to have a job.


The craziest thing about Detroit is the people. We're all crazy.

My favorite movie of all time is Waiting to Exhale.

An itch I'd like to scratch is sex outdoors. I've never had sex outdoors. Maybe in the rain.

To impress me a man has to be smart.

I'm sexy because I'm content in my skin.

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