When it comes to music, Taylor Bennett has always had his own lane separate from brother Chance The Rapper. Now, the Chicago rapper is once again doing his own thing, starting up his own indie record label, Tay Bennett Entertainment.

"What a lot of artists need is a solid foundation," Taylor told Rolling Stone. "As big as I want my artists to be, I want them to be happy," he added.

Bennett isn't the only artist on his new label. The rapper recently signed Chicago-based singer-rapper Bianca Shaw, who was discovered by Bennett's father, Ken Bennett. "My dad called me and said, 'You need to listen to this girl. She's real good!'" Taylor said. "My dad has great taste in music so I took him seriously."

As for Taylor's problems with major labels, the rapper says it has to do with the lies they feed artists."What record labels do is they say, 'When you sign to us you don't have to worry about anything else,'" he said. "But a lot of artists don't know their advances are recoupments. Nobody gets paid a large sum of money and never has to pay it back. You pay it back through your record sales, your touring, your merchandise, features, agency deals, etc. Before you look up you've spent all this money."

The rapper even revealed he's friends with artists who are signed to labels who have no idea what kind of deal they have. "Everything is about percentages to these labels. Everything is about numbers. Everything is about commas. And they don't really give a fuck if you ever become the biggest artist in the world or if you're just another Joe what's-his-name," he added.

Up next for the rapper, he and Shaw are working on her upcoming EP and full-length album. "I feel like they've adopted me into their family," said Shaw. "I want to follow in those same footsteps. I feel like I'm in great hands."

Ahead of the release of her projects, the two released Shaw's latest single, "So High." Of the track, Shaw said, "As soon as we made it, we both looked at each other like, 'This is the one.'"

Earlier this year, Bennett dropped his latest album, Restoration of an American IdolThe nine-track project included features from Chance, Raury, KYLE, Supa Bwe, Stro, Jeremih and more.

Listen to "So High" below.

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