Sy Ari Da Kid is not shying away from the biggest question surrounding his career. The Atlanta rapper answers exactly why he signed with Cash Money Records in the new song and video "Wire Transfer From Birdman."

“I wanted to separate myself from all this gossip by addressing the elephant in the room, everybody wants to know 'does Birdman pay up?' from all the drama with Lil Wayne, who is one of my favorite rappers,” Sy Ari Da Kid said. “Since I just signed to Cash Money, this is my side of the story, all facts no diss.”

Director Dontell Antonio sets the mood with black and white footage that mimics security tape. Sy Ari Da Kid is seen with Birdman while sharing his perspective on joining the Cash Money family.

“They see me with Birdman like why you signing with him/I mean, there ain't too many niggas solid as him/I mean, Bird and Slim done gave me everything I asked for/What's to be mad for/Maybe I should brag more/More stamps on my passport/You broke nigga, you pass poor/Cash Money plug, still where the love's real/Six figures for all my producers pub deals," Sy Ari Da Kids raps.

"Wire Transfer From Birdman" appears on the talented MC's Cash Money debut 2 SOON, which is available now on iTunes. The LP can also be streamed for free on SoundCloud.

Watch Sy Ari Da Kid's "Wire Transfer From Birdman" video and stream 2 SOON below.

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