Supa Bwe is a unique artist in his own right, with his raps tending to be dark reflections on himself and striving for better. He also deliver some in-the-moment vent sessions where he screams like the lead singer of a metal band. In addition to that skill set, the 28-year-old Chicago native can make straight-up R&B like "Entropy," a Dounia-assisted cut off his latest EP, Just Say Thank You. The project marks his first release since 2017's Finally Dead. Right before the EP dropped, Supa Bwe kicked a few bars for XXL's Flex Zone freestyle series.

Most of Bwe's verse is about having faith in yourself. "Used to be a broke boy, knew that I'd be poppin'/Used to be a dope boy, had a little money in my pocket/Fifty Franklin faces for the features and it's profit," he rhymes. Then he shouts out his girl and his dedication to his craft. "And I got a bad bitch, that's my little goddess/And I got this magic, look what I've accomplished/Spent all of 2019 goin' the hardest/So I'ma spend 2020 goin' the hardest." The lyrics are a remix of his 2015 song Grand Apotheosis.

The rhymer's been putting in work for several years, having his movement highlighted in XXL's The Break in 2016. Since then, Supa Bwe has been on his grind and keeping the project coming. With his new release, Just Say Thank You, the title has a special meaning. "I put out like 13, 14 projects, survived all sorts of terrible things," he shares. "Through thick and think, 12 years later, here I am thankless, a birther in a sense of a whole emo rap genre."

As for what he wants people to take away from the project? Supa Bwe's hope is that his talent is accepted in full. "I want people to appreciate the range, from the soft crooning to the thoughtful R&B to the screamy, sporadic parts of 'Rememory' [his collab with Chance The Rapper]."

Check out Supa Bwe's freestyle up top.

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