After moving up its release date, 2015 XXL Freshman GoldLink drops his debut album And After That, We Didn't Talk today. The project is an eclectic mix of songs from the DMV rapper who spoke with XXL earlier this month on what to expect from the album, saying that it's a break-up record.

"It’s really for the girl who it was made for, if she understands what I was trying to say this entire time then I can care less what the fuck happens. That’s really what it was for, it was for her, and if she gets to hear it, then I accomplish my goal."

Link said that listeners don't necessarily have to have ended a relationship to relate to it. "Everybody has been through a relationship, whether it’s with your dog, or with God or with yourself or with a man or a woman. Everybody had that relationship, everybody has had that experience, and everybody had those ups and downs. It’s very relatable, that’s the best reason I can tell you."

GoldLink also said he doesn't think anything else sounds like And After That, We Didn't Talk and calls it the sound of tomorrow.

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