Common delivers his new album Black America Again. The Chicago MC's 11th studio album contains 15 soulful tracks with guest features from Stevie Wonder, Bilal, Marsha Ambrosius and more.

You can stream the album below via Apple Music. The rapper/actor/activist raps from the heart throughout Black America Again. Common breaks down the current state of the U.S. for Black Americans, what the issues are, and how these problems can potentially be rectified. The album is a must-listen, especially just a few days before the presidential election.

Common has been teasing his new body of work for quite some time now. He's released singles such as "Home" featuring Bilal, "Red Wine" featuring The Internet and "Letter to the Free" featuring Bilal. On "Home," the 44-year-old South Side, Chi rapper delivers a positive message throughout the three-and-a-half minute record. Backed by a sample-heavy instrumental, Common spits, “Though this is from Heaven give ’em verses from Hell/Those that fell off the path, bring them back to the Mass/The staff can be your microphone/Your name is Common/You was born to fight the norm/Take house niggas outta darkness till they lights is on/I’mma put a hyphen on your name/Rapper-actor-activist/You the one that can reach into the black abyss/Stars this asterix, show em what a classic is.”

In case you missed it, Common recently went on Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote the new album and talk some baseball. Despite being a White Sox fan, Com admitted that he was rooting for the Cubs in the World Series. “Yes. A White Sox fan has to root for the Cubs. Even though there’s some hardcore White Sox fans who will not root for the Cubs and root against them … I’m bridging this gap. I’m about unity, and I’m from Chicago. I want to see the Cubs wins. 100 years! Come on.” The Black America Again rapper continues, saying, “Even with [Steve] Bartman. It’d be nice to see him redeemed.” With the Cubs as World Series champs and his new album officially out, Common must be a happy man.

Common's Black America Tracklist

1. "Joy and Peace. Feat. Bilal
2. "Home" Feat. Bilal
3. "Word From Moe Luv Interlude"
4. "Black America Again" Feat. Stevie Wonder
5. "Love Star" Feat. PJ and Marsha Ambrosius
6. "On a Whim Interlude"
7. "Red Wine" Feat. Syd and Elena
8. "Pyramids"
9. "A Moment in the Sun Interlude"
10. "Unfamiliar" Feat. PJ
11. "A Bigger Picture Called Free" Feat. Syd and Bilal
12. "The Day Woman Took Over" Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid
13. "Rain" Feat. John Legend
14. "Little Chicago Boy" Feat. Tasha Cobbs
15. "Letter to the Free" Feat. Bilal

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