Twenty-five-year-old Steven G is coming straight out of the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles. Making music since 2016, the “Super Villain” rapper has garnered attention off the strength of songs like “Regulate” and “Hotline Remix,” his ShowGreat mixtape series and winning Mozzy’s "Sleep Walkin" challenge. “From there it was a wrap,” says Steven G, who admits to gaining more than 10,000 new followers as a result of his participation in the viral challenge. He recently stopped by the XXL studio to showcase his skills in a freestyle for our What I Do series.

The West Coast rhymer opens his freestyle with a vengeance, rapping, “Cutthroat, never choke/Back’s against the rope, so I’m like Ali with this vendetta flow.”

He knows it only takes one moment to get pulled back into the jungle. “Yeah, the jungle rough but I’ll be damned if I’m gon’ die in that/My daughter only 3, it only take one for me to join back/Five to the legs, nigga, and I ain’t even proud of that/’Cause they still sleep walkin', so tell me where to find him at/Nigga steady pushin' shit like they know where to try me at/Since everybody shootin' shit, shit, tell me where them bodies at.”

The ArtClub International signee prides himself on a musical style comprised of both rapping and singing. He dropped the third installation of his ShowGreat series in May of this year, and plans to keep the heat coming. According to him, his latest project was inspired by his growth. “It’s my best project yet,” says the California native. “Because I’m elevating. I’m going up.” Equipped with eight songs, the tape features the single, “Hand Cuffs.”

See what Steven G has to offer in his What I Do freestyle below.

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