Starrah is the songwriter behind some of the biggest hits in music today. Now, she's ready to step to the forefront and carve out a solo lane in the music industry. Starrah looks to move towards that goal with the release of her "Rush" music video. The 3D animation pairs up well with the lighthearted vibe of the track, and you can watch it below.

“My music is an ode to youth," Starrah said. “I wanted to make a song that captured that.”

The video appears to be an ode to the youth too as the visual looks like it comes from an animated kid's show. You won't find any jaw-dropping lyrics on "Rush" since Starrah is more concerned with a creating a fun vibe.

"You know I need it right, right, right, right now/Wanna beat it, beat it right, right, right, right now/Feel wrong, but it's right, right, right, right now/So I'm gon' pull up, lay it down on you right now/Lil' mama, I'm like Hey mama/Can't be late I'ma/Fuck them brakes I'ma/Roll and skate on it/Skrt, skrt, I'ma/Swerve, swerve, I'ma/Err, err, I'ma/Put in work/I'ma put in work," Starrah croons.

Starrah has been a creative force behind songs like Rihanna’s “Needed Me," Travis Scott’s “Pick Up The Phone," Kevin Gates' "2 Phones," Drake’s “Fake Love" and Nicki Minaj’s new single “No Frauds," to name a few. Perhaps the "Rush" video will be just what she needs to make her solo record as big as those tracks. Check out the video below.

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