Are the people you call friends really your comrades? Do they know everything there is to know about you? Your favorite restaurant? Your go-to saying? Your favorite entertainer? If they don’t, then they’re most likely not your real friends. There’s an overflow of counterfeit friendships out here, especially in the entertainment business. XXL crafted up a game to put one of hip-hop’s most regarded friendships to the test. Packed with questions about everyday life that their fans aren’t privy to and only the people in their inner circle would know, XXL presents Real Friends with Starlito and Don Trip.

After watching the video, you'll learn why the two MCs probably need to spend some more time together. Starlito almost guesses Don Trip's favorite Three 6 Mafia song and Trip gets schooled on the significance of Jackie Moon, Will Ferrell's fictional character from the 2008 movie Semi-Pro.

It's been six years since Lito and Trip linked up to form Step Brothers. They released the first installment of the series in 2011 and, most recently, released the third installment this past March. Step Brothers Three was a 15-track LP featuring a guest appearance from Robin Raynelle and production by Greedy Money, Trakksounds, Doughboy Beatz, Mr. Williams for BJS Music Group, among others. The singles off the album were “Good Cop Bad Cop,” “Yeah 5X” and "Boomshakalaka."

If you haven't already, definitely dive in and give that project a spin. Don Trip and Starlito have amazing chemistry together and it's pretty evident on their album. But how well do they know each other when they're in the hot seat? Check out Starlito and Don Trip test their friendship in XXL’s Real Friends below. And see Pete Rock and Smoke Dza join the Real Friends challenge here.

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