With his MMG-debut right Ohio around the corner, Stalley is starting to make the media rounds for promo and yesterday, he hopped on the popular ESPN show "Highly Questionable." During the lighthearted conversation with the hosts, Stalley discussed watching Rick Ross spend racks like it's nothing at the strip club, and partying with current NFL player Johnny Manziel while he was still in college.

"When he was still at Texas A&M Ross was having a party in Miami," said Stalley. "And Johnny Manziel and his coach came to the party and he was just hanging, out it was a good time...We was all having a good time. On a scale of 1-10? I'd say it was a 15. It was a good time."

Towards the end of the interview, Stalley opened up about his struggle to get to where he is now. "The hardest time was just being homeless," said Stalley. "I was couch surfing for a long time in New York, sleeping on floors and couches. There was a moment in time I was homeless and staying with the mother of my daughter and we were staying in the basement of her parents home in Queens. We had a newborn baby and it was just me her and a newborn baby in the basement. It was a hard time, it was a struggle. With the family, with the support, it helped push me along. I was living off of unemployment at the time but I was able to record and get in the studio and keep my faith and keep my spirits up and I'm here now."

Ohio drops October 27.