Sauce Walka and Sosamann are still dripping. Today (Feb. 20), the Texas duo premiere their new video for their song "Kasper."

Directed by Laka Films, the treatment is a juxtaposition of big Texas flossing against a backdrop of trashed and left behind items. The rappers and their entourage flash an arsenal of weapons, while smoking and sipping. "Ride around with the 40 for disasters/Try to touch the sauce, I'll send you outer space like NASA/Talkin' all that tough shit, like I won't get at ya/Pussy niggaa think you can't get shot, you ain't Kasper," they rap on the chorus.

"Sauce is about foreign cars, designer labels and women," says Sosamann of the video's aesthetic. "For 'Kasper' we wanted to show the opposite of that for a 'Don't let the sauce fool you' vibe. That's why we went to the studio where we first recorded at with the junk yard in the back."

The sauce movement is looking like it's here to stay. Sosamann joined up with Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang in March and has been working with the likes of Lil Wayne on his new album, which is slated to come out some time in the spring.

After continuing to build on their buzz in 2016, Sosamann have big plans for this year. "2017 is all about Sauce The World, the album, the movement, everything, " he says.

Watch the "Kasper" video below.

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