Solo Lucci is no newcomer to the game. Since 2012’s “RIP Tupac,” the 31-year-old Texas rapper has made a name for himself with a handful of projects and cosigns from affiliates like Boosie BadAzz, Chris Brown and Young Thug. This year, however, he’s ready to make himself a household name like the artists he’s collaborated with and he knows just the formula to make it happen.

During his visit to XXL’s New York City office, Lucci’s infectious energy spoke for him as he readied himself for his freestyle in our What I Do series. The “Cash Money” rhymer wasted no time jumping into the freestyle, which is full of gut-busting one-liners and celebrity references. His scintillating personality and vibrant southern drawl makes it all the more hilarious.

“I’m fresh to death like they’re ’bout to bury me/Yo’ bitch on her knees like she tryna marry me,” the animated rapper begins. “Look, she pay my company, she come to me/I cut for free, but I tax that ass/I get in her ear, then I wax that ass/Period, no maxi pad/Serious, I don’t have to brag/You weird wit’ yo’ lil ashy ass/In a million years you couldn’t have this swag.”

Lucci then compares himself to the likes of Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson before adding he’s “Kanye before he broke bread with Satan.” The latter bar is an obvious jab at ’Ye’s controversial relationship with President Donald Trump.

Surely you’re already accustomed to Solo Lucci’s liveliness if you’re a fan of the ever-expanding Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood series. The rapper-songwriter has a recurring role on the show’s Hollywood leg and, like his freestyle, always provides the laughs.

On the music end, Lucci is prepping to drop The Recipe, which is slated for a Nov. 12 release. When asked about the title, the Los Angeles resident alludes to a slew of artists he’s written for in the past.

“I’ve been maybe a minor ingredient, maybe a major, but I’ve been part of the recipe,” he explains. “And when [fans] hear this, I want them to know that if they hear something and be like ‘That kinda sound like…,’ just know I told you in the title. If you hear this and say ‘Hey, this kinda sound like Travis Scott; this kinda sound like Future,’ I might’ve been the same person working on those projects.”

Refusing to play the back any longer, Solo Lucci is excited for fans to hear the first project he’s had full control over. “I’ve been signed to Sony, I was at RCA… I was with R. Kelly and Lady Gaga; I was with Akon," he lists off. "A lot of people tried to shelter my talent. I feel confident about [The Recipe] because nobody tainted my vision with their ideas."

Cheers to that. Take a listen to Solo Lucci's freestyle up top.

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